Security and Resilience are two of the most important and critical issues for companies and organizations. Today, after numerous revealings on governments and companies spying on each other, there is almost no single topic as plenty in the headlines of international media than Security. Spyware and Ransomware is on the rise. Keeping the most important assets away from third parties, detect and respond to attacks on cyber networks, top management executives and company boundaries, is on the board agenda since years, though.

cropped-IMG_3319.jpgI have been working as Partner at KPMG Consulting, being in charge for the Information Protection & Business Resilience practice in EMEA I led a large number of client engagements in Fortune 500 as well as in SMEs and moved into the PwC network in September 2017 aiming to build consulting but also the managed security services offering for PwC in Europe.

Advising clients, deep diving into their challenges and finding excellent solutions together with my team drives my daily business and is my absolute passion.

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